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USB Battery Bank Keep Alive (Pass-thu)

USB Battery Bank Keep Alive (Pass-thu)

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This is meant to keep the USB Battery Bank from auto shut off. Usually happens when something you plug in is not drawing enough power. This will work to reset the timer on the bank by sending a pulse every so often to avoid it from going to sleep.

This unit is specifically to be used in an empty free USB port or can be soldered to on the free and open pads to be parallel in the circuit.

**NOTE: This is NOT a ghostbusters Haslab proton pack hack.***

1 USB Keep Alive unit

(NO LEDs or Battery Bank included)

Find a free port and plug it in the plug in the other item into it!

IC chips

Overall Dimensions: 31.85mm x 12.32mm
Weight: < 1oz.

Materials: chip,circuit board
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