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Red Jacket Pocket Gizmo LED Square - Ghostbusters Frozen Empire (PRE-ORDER)

Red Jacket Pocket Gizmo LED Square - Ghostbusters Frozen Empire (PRE-ORDER)

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March Update Part 2: We are sold out of current stock. Pre-orders are reopen. If you want quick updates follow us on Social media to know the latest. 

March Update: All of Wave 1 and Wave 2 have been shipped. At this time we are making and shipping as the orders come in. If you need it before the 22nd of March all orders need to be placed by the 15th. (QTY is limited. New batch of boards come in late next week for solder and assembly.)



Check out his coverage of our LED square:



After obsessing over the trailer we thought it would be a fun project to tackle the pocket gizmo for everyone who went crazy for the "Red Jacket". After watching hours of Paul Rudd laughing in slow motion in a never ending loop. We did our best to fill in gaps based on what we know the Ghostbusters would of made something like that look like. Caution colors are a must! Based on the pattern we see of lights it seems like there is a total of 16 LEDs to make a square. How do we center it? with a backing! So I am happy and pleased to share the first version of the pocket gizmo. *Laughs in Paul Rudd*

Please note: We do have plans to make this future proof as possible, we have no clue if this is just to keep our heroes toasty or some crazy interdimensional device that takes them to 2016. I am just happy to find others that love the movie I grew up with as much as I do. I can't wait to see it at midnight at my local theater! 


 1 custom PCB assembly with Controller on a laser and 3d printed backing. 


Plug into USB battery bank and slide into your pocket! the smaller the battery bank the better! 







 To fit a Wuxly or similar sized pocket. Its universal with minor adjustments.

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