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Proton Power Cabel 2.0 - USB to JSTXH for Battery Banks - JST Extension - Usb Inline Breakout

Proton Power Cabel 2.0 - USB to JSTXH for Battery Banks - JST Extension - Usb Inline Breakout

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-Custom made

-Three options:
-Extension for the JST (This is just to extend the connection does not include USB)
-USB inline break out

USB to JST ~5"-6"
JST jumper + ~12-15"

Operation: Use with your USB battery bank. Connect segments as needed.

NOTE: THE USB break out is for anything else that requires USB power. Do not overload that port as it will be working to power both the main board and the extra device. The reason this was made was to allow the use of a Bluetooth transceiver. It will communicate with a speaker we are using outside of our pack. Use these at your own risk. We use it in our packs but we have not mixed it with other solutions out there for keep alive or other mods.

Install: It depends on how you would like to install it but it will require you to open the pack to connect this in place. Some have drilled holes and pulled the cable out from the pack others opened the snack compartment.

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Return policy:
Refunds cannot be provided once orders are processed as this is a custom made item. Exchanges are only accepted when a mistake was made on behalf of Imperial Tech Shop. In the event that an item was made incorrectly by Imperial Tech Shop, the order will be remade as ordered and shipped to the customer. Customers may asked to provide a photo for exchange/remake consideration and receive a shipping label to return the item.
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