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Light Diffuser kit for Sci-Fi Panels and Props

Light Diffuser kit for Sci-Fi Panels and Props

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This product is designed to give your prop or panel a futuristic, almost sci-fi appearance. It diffuses light in a way that creates an otherworldly effect. We offer various lighting options to choose from, and each piece is custom-made to suit your specific requirements.




1 Acrylic Frosted Panel

1 Plastic Housing

1 Plastic Retention Bezel

1 Plastic Backing for 3mm LED

1 Plastic Backing for 5mm LED

1 Plastic Backing for 10mm LED

1 Plastic Backing for Neo Pixel 11mm LED

1 Safety Plastic Razor (for removing protective film from acrylic)

(LEDs are not included)




Before inserting the acrylic panel into the housing, carefully peel off the protective film.

Once inserted, place the retention bezel evenly and firmly to secure it in place.

Choose the appropriate backing for your LED. If it doesn't fit snugly, you can use hot glue or super glue for additional security. Most parts should pressure fit, but variations may occur due to printing or LED dimensions.



PLA (Black)

Frosted Clear Acrylic



Overall Dimensions: 30.41mm x 30mm

Bezel Dimensions: 30mm x 5.88mm

Back Half Dimensions: 24.5mm x 23.72mm

Weight: 2 oz.


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