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Halcyon Cabin Room Door Panel (Replica)

Halcyon Cabin Room Door Panel (Replica)

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***SMALL RUN OF 20*** If you have any questions please reach out to us


(Will ship end of Feb.)


If you forget or can't put in the room number when placing the order. You can always email it to us!


Sad we never got to make it onto the ship but glad to be able to bring some of that magic from a galaxy far far away to you! The panel is wall mountable and also magnetic. It features a working Occupied slide and with it a way to turn on the LED lights on the colored lenses.

The cool part is as you slide the sign it will cause the LED lights to turn on or off. We have also thought about making this future proof by making a cavity on the back for a MagicBand reader upgrade once we finalize the design for that part.



-Provide your room number and any questions you may have.



-This is custom to you! So, your room number will be UV Printed with Braille!

-LEDS! They will be randomly programmed with some blinking and others steady

-Occupied status slide will be functional and will control the power to the lights.


Side note: Can we do something custom? Reach out and we can see if we can change something like the color of the lenses from red to blue!



1 Acrylic Panel

1 LED kit prewired.

1 ADA Compliant UV Print



If using the magnets just hold it up to the place you want it to attach to but make sure it is magnetic. Other than that you can use mounting tape on the three mounting points we have made on the back side to stick to the wall, your door, your motorhome, or your car?


To activate the lights slide to occupied and the lights will switch on :-)


Power source is a 9V (Not included)



Overall Dimensions: ~23.5" x 6"

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