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Cyclotron Cake LED kit (Haslab)

Cyclotron Cake LED kit (Haslab)

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This is to take your Proton pack to the next level! The kit is meant to be used with other 3rd party window kits in addition to our Cake lenses! 



4 Acrylic Segments (Black)

12 zip ties (Black)

12 Neo Pixel addressable LEDs

1 Three pin connector (Ninjatunes compatible)

1 set Three Pin Electrical connector 

1 Orange safety acrylic peeler



Haslab retro fit (Tacobelli)


what you will need: Soldering iron, Drill with a 3/16th bit, heat shrink or electrical tape. 





Peel the acrylic pieces, Start to zip tie the LEDs in in a clock wise direction to match the Haslab programming. You can go counter but if you use a ninjatunes board they program it based on a clockwise direction. (Check photos for more visuals) Once you have them all zipped and test fitted. You'll need to drill a hole into the cake and one into the housing of the proton pack to pass the wires from the connectors. Solder the wires as needed following the color codes and markings for ground/signal/5v. (If you are not using ninjatunes you'll have to solder to the stock PCB on the backside where the connector is for the outer lid. There are several YouTube videos on how to do this.) You can hold the pie pieces in place by hotglue or 2 way tape. If you do not see them lit check connections and polarity. 


Ninjatunes instructions:



Black acrylic


Size: N/A


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